Dan Kleeman is an artist best known for his abstract paintings of luminous chromatic space. These canvases are layered with contiguous bands of transparent glaze to produce imaginary planes of vertical and horizontal color in systematic perspective. While reminiscent of Renaissance pictorial structures, or their medieval antecedents, these paintings are more like panoramic projections of nested spheres: latitudes and longitudes of radiant space-time, ranging from the viewer’s eye to the cosmic event-horizon.

In recent years, Dan has been exploring similar structures in a series of black and white drawings. In these images, quantified fields of opaque lines replace the paintings’ fields of transparent color. This variation accommodates systematic changes of scale, from plane to plane, reinforcing the concept of time as intrinsic to space.

Dan was born in New York City, where he earned a BFA from The Cooper Union and an MA in art history from Columbia University. He received an artist fellowship grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and has exhibited in New York, NY; Provincetown, MA; Durham, NC; Johnson City, TN; and other places. In 1996, Dan relocated to East Tennessee with his wife, Tess Lloyd, an English professor. They now live on a small farm, where Dan works in a studio overlooking the mountains.